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In drunk driving accidents, many people think that responsibility for the accident falls solely on the driver who chose to operate his or her motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. However, in some states, the person who served alcohol to an individual who later caused a drunk driving accident can also be held liable in court. This is known as social host liability and in the state of Ohio, the law plays a limited role in determining fault in a drunk driving accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident and the driver was given alcohol by another person, contact the Cincinnati social host liability lawyers at Stepleton Dugan, LLC by calling 513-321-7733. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to help you fight for the compensation you need from all parties responsible for your accident.

Ohio Social Host Liability Laws

Social Host Liability laws are different in every state. These laws are in place to protect innocent people who are injured by a drunk driver and other irresponsible parties who contributed to a drunk driving accident. This is especially relevant when dealing with minors under the influence of alcohol. Ohio state law has limited social host liability laws that state:

  • “A social host is not liable for the actions of an intoxicated adult guest.”
  • “A social host may be held liable for either the death or injury of a third person caused by an intoxicated minor guest.”
  • “An intoxicated person has no cause of action against the supplier of alcohol for any injury he or she suffers off the supplier’s property.”

If you have been injured in an accident caused by an intoxicated minor, it is important for you to pursue compensation from all the parties that contributed to your accident in order to see that justice is served.

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If another person’s negligence or illegal actions have caused you to suffer harm, it is important to hold that individual accountable for the damage done. Contact the Cincinnati personal injury lawyers of Stepleton Dugan, LLC at 513-321-7733 today and see how our experienced attorneys can help you at this difficult time.

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