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Escalator Injuries

Posted on June 4th, 2009 No Comments

Escalators are a modern convenience, allowing us to easily avoid the exertion associated with climbing a flight of stairs. They are especially ubiquitous in malls and shopping centers, where climbing a set of stairs with your arms full of shopping bags may be difficult. However, escalators are a common source of injury, and property owners have a responsibility to minimize the safety risks associated with their use.

Common Causes of Escalator Injuries

Escalator injuries frequently involve small children, but the rate of escalator injury to elderly adults has nearly doubled since 1990. Many of the injuries caused by escalators occur as a result of reckless behavior, but a defective escalator can present a severe hazard to anyone who uses it. Some of the more common causes of escalator injuries may include:

Attempting to pass someone on an escalator
Trying to walk or run up the steps rather than standing
An escalator that stops unexpectedly, potentially throwing a rider or causing them to fall
Attempting to go the opposite direction of the escalator
An escalator that does not have the proper protective features at the top and bottom

Contacting an experienced Cincinnati escalator injury attorney after you have been injured is extremely important, as discovering who is liable for your injuries can be extremely difficult.

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