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Transferred Intent

The world of tort law is typically divided into two main sections: intentional torts and unintentional torts. Unintentional torts occur when a victim suffers harm that the defendant did not intend to inflict, whereas an intentional tort occurs when the defendant meant to cause harm. However, if the defendant intended to hurt someone but unintentionally harmed another, they are still considered as having intentionally caused harm by the doctrine of transferred intent.

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Examples of Transferred Intent

For transferred intent to occur, the defendant must have intended to hurt someone. The actions taken by the defendant must then inadvertently injure a third party. At that point, it is said that the intention to harm is transferred from the original intended victim to the victim who was actually injured. Examples of this may include:

  • A person shoots at another person with a gun, but the bullets go astray and hit a third party
  • An attacker swings a bat at a victim but the bat slips out of his hands and strikes an innocent bystander
  • A shopkeeper prevents all of his customers from leaving his store because he suspects one of them of shoplifting

Typically, intentional torts may carry with them higher penalties and potential damages than unintentional torts, and they are often easier to prove as well, which is why many claims are pursued as intentional torts rather than as negligence.

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