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The Dangers of No-Zone Accidents

Highway driving is always a dangerous experience—especially if you happen to drive a small car or motorcycle. There are so many cars on the road today, many of which are extremely large and can cause significant damage to a smaller vehicle if a collision should occur.

In the case of large 18-wheeler trucks, this fact is even more significant. When a large commercial truck is placed next to a much smaller, personal automobile on the highway, it is easy for accidents to occur. One of the leading causes of these accidents is the fact that large trucks have expansive blind spots, more commonly known as “no-zones”.

Where are a Truck’s No-Zones?

On most commercial trucks, there are three significant no-zone areas. These are:

  • The Front No-Zone: because 18-wheelers have elevated cabs, it is often difficult for them to see smaller vehicles that are located immediately in front of them.
  • The Side No-Zones: because large trucks are so long, it is nearly impossible for the driver’s side mirrors to provide a complete view of the entire side of the vehicle. As such, the majority of a truck’s sides constitute no-zone areas.
  • The Rear No-Zone: since large trucks are usually hauling a trailer, they have no use for rear view mirrors and cannot see behind them, creating a rear no-zone.

How to Stay Safe

When a smaller automobile is caught in any of these no-zone regions, it is easy for an accident to take place by a semi truck speeding up, slowing down, or changing lanes without recognizing the presence of the smaller vehicle. In order to avoid these accidents, drivers should:

  • Make sure that they drive far enough ahead of a truck to avoid the front no-zone
  • Not drive along the sides of an 18-wheeler unless they can see the truck driver’s face in the side mirrors. Remember: if you can’t see the driver’s face in the side mirror, he or she cannot see you
  • Drive far enough behind a large truck that you are visible in the driver’s side mirrors.

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