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Tetanus, sometimes referred to as lockjaw, is a disease that arises through infection of a cut, puncture wound, or laceration. Victims of lockjaw generally contract the sickness through suffering a wound in an outdoor environment, where the tetanus bacteria tend to thrive. While this illness is relatively rare, especially with the widespread preventative vaccinations available, it can be extremely dangerous in an individual if it goes untreated.

The Symptoms of Tetanus

Tetanus is called lockjaw because this disease is typically characterized by stiff and immobile muscles, with the victim’s jaw locking up in the final stages before death. This is a very dangerous situation to be in because the inability to move the jaw may result in suffocation. Other symptoms of this illness include the following:

  • Headache
  • Stiff muscles
  • Strong muscle spasms
  • Facial spasms
  • Fever
  • Inability to swallow
  • Sweating

Typically, tetanus is associated with puncture wounds resulting from contact with a rusty item. The rust provides a favorable environment for the tetanus bacteria and the puncture wound allows it to enter the body and rest in a deep, anaerobic environment, where it tends to thrive.

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure that invitees are protected from dangers such as tetanus. If you have contacted this illness from an injury caused by a dangerous environment on another’s property, then you may have the right to claim damages for your pain and suffering.

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