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Tanning Bed Injuries

With the advent of spray on tans and other temporary, fake options, the popularity of tanning beds has been reduced some. Unfortunately, they are still in use across the country and are still actually used.

The greatest risk from a tanning bed is not a short term risk but a long term problem. These beds emit the same types of UV rays that the sun emits. The biggest difference is that a tanning bed emits the harmful rays in a much higher concentration than the sun does. These rays not only tan a person’s skin but also contribute to wrinkles and freckles. The worst part about the rays is that they contribute to an increased risk for skin cancer. It’s really just better all around to avoid them.

Another potential hazard of tanning beds is the risk of a contact burn from the bulbs themselves. The bulbs are not meant to touch a person’s skin but sometimes accidents happen. When they do touch the skin, they can inflict nasty burns that, in extreme cases, may require medical attention to heal properly.

In addition to the potential for skin cancer and burns, tanning bed lids may break and close on a person’s limb. Depending on the design of the bed, there may or may not be a gap when the lid closes. If the bearings or hinges are a tiny bit too loose, the top of the bed, all 500 pounds or so of it, can close on a person’s arm.

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