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Seat Belt Safety

Since becoming standard safety features in motor vehicles, seat belts have proven themselves to be the most effective vehicle safety feature in preventing death and injury. Since they were first installed in the 1930s, seat belts have gone through a variety of designs as greater safety techniques were developed.

Even now there are a variety of different seat belt designs. Below are some of the most common designs found today, and instructions on proper use of these belts. Remember, if you are wearing a seat belt incorrectly, it may not provide you with the protection you need.

The Lap Belt

The lap belt is one of the more basic seat belt designs, and is often found in the backseats of vehicles, as well as on commercial airplanes. This design is comprised of a single piece of material that stretches across a passenger’s lap and buckles.

To wear this design properly, the belt should be resting across the pelvic bone on top of the lap, never pulled up and stretched across the abdomen.

The Three-Point Belt

The design of the three-point belt improves upon the original lap belt design. While it still has a component that stretches across the pelvic area, it also has a connected shoulder strap that crosses the torso and attaches to the frame of the car.

Many people wear this belt incorrectly by relying solely on the lap belt for protection and tucking the shoulder strap behind them. The shoulder strap, however, should never be tucked behind a passenger, as it loses most of its restraining properties in this position.

Belt-In-Seat Design

The belt-in-seat design, or BIS, is extremely similar to the three-point design except that the shoulder strap connects to the seat itself instead of to the car’s frame. This design is one of the most common in cars manufactured today.

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