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Salmonella is a type of bacteria. It naturally resides in the intestines of all animals, and while it remains there it is not a problem. When salmonella contaminates food, however, it can be very detrimental to people’s health.

How does Salmonella contaminate food?

The most common way that salmonella contaminates food is when the food somehow comes into contact with feces. For example, someone may not wash his or her hands after going to the bathroom and then handle food. Or, a rodent or some other animal may release feces on or near food.

Moreover, because salmonella naturally reside in all animals, many animal and animal-derived products have a risk of containing salmonella. For example, meats may be contaminated because they may be mixed with intestine when ground up. Or raw milk may contain it because it passes through cows’ intestines.

What happens to people who eat feed contaminated with salmonella?

The most common danger of eating contaminated food is salmonellosis, an infection of salmonella. The most common symptom is diarrhea. However, fever, vomiting, and cramps are also likely to occur.

Usually, these symptoms arise within 8 to 72 hours of eating contaminated food, and they last from 4 to 7 days. Most cases of salmonellosis do not require treatment. A long term consequence of salmonellosis is Reiter’s syndrome. In fact, many people who eat food contaminated with salmonella do not even know it. Nonetheless, when salmonella enters the bloodstream, its effects can become fatal.

Salmonella Responsibility

People can do many things to ensure that the foods they prepare are not contaminated with salmonella. Moreover, businesses like restaurants and food manufacturers that prepare food for others need to ensure that the food they provide is not contaminated. If it is and people get sick after eating their food, they can be held liable.

Contact a Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have eaten food prepared by someone else and you think it was contaminated by salmonella, you may be able to secure damages if you suffered in any way. To find out the strength of your case, contact a Cincinnati personal injury attorney at Stepleton Dugan, LLC today by calling 513-321-7733.

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