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Risks of Mowing the Lawn

The next time you determine that your lawn needs mowing, remember to put safety first. While mowing the lawn may seem like an ordinary household task, it can actually be quite risky. The blades rotating rapidly underneath a mower can cause serious injury and even death in the event of an accident. A recent study concluded that approximately 77,039 people were treated in the ER for accidents involving lawnmowers in 2006.

While many accidents can be prevented by proper mower usage, some lawn mowers have design or construction flaws. In instances such as this, the manufacturers may be liable for damages. If you or someone you know has been injured while mowing the lawn, contact a Cincinnati product liability lawyer at Stepleton Dugan, LLC today. Call 513-321-7733 to schedule a free consultation.

Safety Tips for Mowing

In order to protect you and your family, the American Academy of Pediatrics has created some safety tips for users to follow while mowing:

  • Purchase a mower that has a safety feature that prevents the mower from moving when the handle is released
  • Do not let children under the age of 16 operate riding mowers, and do not allow children to ride as passengers
  • Do not let children under 12 operate push mowers
  • Wear durable shoes, not sandals
  • Clear the yard of large debris before mowing in order to prevent flying objects
  • Mow when young children are indoors
  • Always make sure mower is off before cleaning or performing mower maintenance

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Even when all safety precautions are taken, accidents can still happen. If you or someone you love has been injured by a lawn mower, the manufacturer could be to blame. Contact a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer from Stepleton Dugan, LLC by calling 513-321-7733 to discuss your legal rights.

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