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Remaining Safe around Roadway Hazards

Many drivers operate under the faulty assumption that if they pay attention to their driving actions alone they are not at risk for an accident. Sadly, there are a number of external factors that can easily cause a very serious and damaging collision.

While the actions of other drivers certainly pose a risk, the condition of the road itself often is one of the greatest threats a driver will face. Whether facing large construction zones, debris in the road, or severely damaged roadways, there are several safety tips all drivers can easily employ to keep themselves, and everyone around them, safe from a serious automobile accident.

Slow Down

When you notice that there is some sort of roadway defect or obstruction, the most important thing you can do is decrease your speed. By doing so, you will have enough time to evaluate the situation and will not have to make a hasty driving decision.

Additionally, if you slow your driving to deal with a given hazard, other drivers behind you will likely have to decrease their speed as well. This will create a safer environment overall for everyone on the road, as all drivers will be able to deal with the hazardous situation at a safe and easily maneuverable speed.

Avoid Dangerous Areas

If you are aware that a dangerous area is approaching (i.e. a lane vulnerable to rock falls, or a construction zone), you should get in the lane farthest away from the hazard. By doing so, you decrease the chances that you will even have to interact with the danger in question and can continue along your travels without interference.

Obey All Posted Signs

When roadway hazards are present, posted signs can be a great help in alerting drivers to some of the threats that are not otherwise visible. Often, these include reduced speed warnings or alerts to icy conditions, rock slides, etc.

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