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Radon Poisoning

Every year thousands of people are negatively impacted by radon poisoning. Radon is such a problem that it is believed to be the cause of nearly half of all lung cancer cases that are diagnosed. Radon is a significant problem and hazard because it is a gas which is both colorless and odorless.

Radon is a gas that is given off through the decay of uranium. Uranium is an element found in random areas around the globe. It is found in a lot of different types of soil which means that its decay can release radon in a wide variety of areas, as well.

People can be poisoned by radon when it seeps into a home through cracks or seams in the foundation or the basement. It can also seep in through low-lying areas. Once the gas begins to seep in, it can accumulate in dangerous amounts. Radon poisoning refers to the effect alpha particles have on the cells of the lung. Radon’s alpha particles prohibit cellular division resulting in damage to the deep organ tissues and cells.

Like other instances of poisoning, radon poisoning has a number of symptoms. The majority of the symptoms of radon poisoning are the same or very similar to those of lung cancer. Some symptoms are a persistent cough that gets worse, coughing up blood, difficulties breathing, chest pains, recurring respiratory infections, and wheezing.

Because lung cancer has such a low survival rate, it is important to act before radon exposure progresses to cancer. Fortunately, it is easy and inexpensive to detect radon in a home.

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