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Jet Ski Safety

Jet Skis are a popular choice for recreation. Whether in a lake or on the ocean, they are small, fast, and provide hours of fun. Because they seem simple and easy to operate, many classify them as a toy. However, they are not a toy. By definition, jet skis are personal water craft (PWC) and can cause serious injury if not operated properly.

Jet Skis can pass through shallow waters close to shore due to their design. They exceed speeds beyond 65 mph and are very easy to maneuver. Stunts such as jumping wakes and spinning doughnuts are common among users.

PWCs should not be any more dangerous than other watercraft. However, people tend not operate them in as safe of a manner as they do other watercraft. Since they seem harmless, people tend to act recklessly on them. By law a jet ski is a motorboat. Therefore, it must be registered and is required to abide by all of the rules that other boats must follow. A PWC must have onboard safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and life preservers.

Jet Ski accidents cause much greater injury than other boating accidents according to the University of Florida. By investigating medical reports, researchers found that victims of Jet Ski accidents have more closed-head injuries, trauma to the chest, and abdominal injuries. Most of the accidents occur when a rider hits another object with his or her Jet Ski.

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