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Heat-Related Illnesses

If a person exerts him or herself too much in an extremely hot environment, then he or she may become the victim of a heat-related illness. These conditions vary in severity, depending on the temperature and the specific individual’s situation. Under harsh working conditions, or in certain sports-related activities, people may be more likely to suffer heat-related illnesses and injuries.

The Effects of High Body Temperature

There are a number of heat-related illnesses that people may experience. These conditions worsen as an affected individual spends more time at an elevated body temperature and as one’s temperature rises:

  • Heat Rash: irritated skin from heat exposure and sweating
  • Heat Cramps: cramping and painful muscles that arise from dehydration and overexertion
  • Heat Exhaustion: signified by extreme sweating, a fast and weak pulse, and quick breathing
  • Heatstroke: a dangerous condition that is indicated by symptoms such as dry skin, a quick and hard pulse, and faintness

In order to lower your risk of suffering from one of the above heat-related illnesses, you should maintain good hydration, limit your time in hot environments, and ensure that you replace minerals and electrolytes lost through sweating.

Some workers, athletes, and children may not have a choice about how much time they spend in the heat. If you have suffered one of these heat-related illnesses as a result of your supervisor’s negligence, then you may have the right to take legal action against him or her. Call Stepleton Dugan, LLC today at 513-321-7733 to learn more about your options.

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If you or someone you love has suffered a heat-related illness due to another person’s negligent actions or supervision, then you may have the right to damages. Contact Cincinnati personal injury lawyer at Stepleton Dugan, LLC today at 513-321-7733 to speak with us about your situation.

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