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E. Coli

E. coli stands for Escherichia coli. It is a group of bacteria that lives in the intestines of most warm-blooded animals. E. coli is generally not harmful to people, but when it contaminates people’s food it can become a health hazard.

Potential Sources of Contamination

There are many ways that E. coli can contaminate people’s food. One way is when food comes into contact with feces. This can occur if an animal, such a rodent, releases feces near or into food or into a water system, so that when people eat the food or drink the water, they concurrently consume E. coli.

E. coli can also contaminate food when people do not wash their hands after going to bathroom and then handle food. Though there are many ways that E. coli can contaminate food, most of the time it is difficult to determine where the contamination came from.

Health Effects of Contamination

The health effects of E. coli are various. The include cramps, vomiting, fever, and often bloody diarrhea. Most of the time, symptoms appear 3 to 4 days after eating the contaminated food, though the range can be anywhere from 1 to 10 days. Most people who eat contaminated food get better without any extra complications, and people generally get better 5 to 7 days after eating the contaminated food. E. coli is dangerous, though, and it can lead to people’s death.

E. coli Responsibility

Because E. coli is such a threat, people who make foods for others have to ensure that their foods are not contaminated. This includes those who own and run food factories, catering businesses, and restaurants. If they provide contaminated food to people who get sick, they can be held accountable.

Contact the Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you know has eaten food and gotten sick, the food may be contaminated with E. coli. If that is the case, you may be able to secure damages. To determine whether you have a case, contact the Cincinnati personal injury lawyer at Stepleton Dugan, LLC today by calling 513-321-7733.

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