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Chemical Burns

There are six main types of burns, one of which is chemical burns. Chemical burns are possible in a wide range of areas. Burns resulting from exposure to chemicals are able to occur at work and school or even as a result of accidental or intentional assault.

While it is possible for individuals in the United States to come in contact with chemicals at home to the degree that death is possible, this is rare. The majority of at-home chemical burns will require medical treatment but will not result in death. However, it is possible for individuals to be exposed to chemicals in the workplace in a great enough quantity to cause death.

Common Types of Chemical Burns

When an injury occurs in the home from exposure to chemicals, it is most likely due to the misuse of products used for hair, skin, and nail care. Plumbing fluids and other chemicals used for cleaning and home maintenance may also be a problem.

Chemical burns are also possible in the workplace. Because chemicals in general are available and found in much greater quantities in the workplace than in the home, workplace chemical burns are much more common than chemical burns in the home. Manufacturing plants are among the most common locations for chemical burns.

The chemicals that are capable of causing burns are either strong acids or strong bases. Chemicals toward the middle of the pH scale are not as damaging or as capable of burns because they are not as strong.

Some common chemicals that may cause burns include:

  • Bleach
  • Concrete mix
  • Metal cleaners
  • Pool chlorinators

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