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Causes of Airbag Injuries

Cars are equipped with numerous safety features that are designed to help people make it through car accidents in the best shape possible. Over time, airbags have become more and more common and more numerous in each car. These airbags have prevented millions of injuries but have caused injuries, as well.

Airbags are bags of air that explode from the dashboard or other parts of the car to prevent the passengers of the car from making contact with a hard surface. The airbags themselves explode out of the car at a very high velocity. The high velocity of the airbag can cause numerous problems for anyone in the airbag’s path after it is expelled from its compartment.

When airbags make contact with people, abrasions, bruises, broken bones, and a variety of other injuries are all possible. The injuries are a result of the airbag being expelled from the airbag compartment on the car with such a strong force.

Injuries are not always equally likely as a result of airbags. Children, particularly lighter ones under the age of 12, are much more likely to be seriously injured by an airbag than are adults. At the same time, women are much more likely to be injured. The injuries are so likely and common that studies have shown that a woman who is in an accident does not gain any benefit from airbags unless she is travelling at more than 40 miles per hour at the time of an accident.

Overall, airbags are built to provide the maximum amount of safety for crash test dummies. This means that the efficacy of an airbag is tested to provide protection for a 5’10” male at roughly 180 pounds. Anyone who does not meet the specifications of the crash test dummy is being protected by an airbag not designed to help him or her.

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