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Bicycle Defects

We have high expectations for our bicycles. Many cyclists opt to ride in the roads alongside cars, so any minor bike defect that causes loss of control may result in very serious injuries or even death to the rider. While bicyclists should be aware of the risks posed by riding alongside cars, accidents caused by product defects are unexpected and therefore very hazardous. When a vital component of the bike, such as the braking system, fails, then the rider may be involved in a high speed and dangerous crash.

Types of Dangerous Defects

Bicycles, though relatively simple in design, have several major components that affect a rider’s speed, direction, and control of the bike. When these parts fail because of a design or manufacturing defect, cyclists may be put in very unsafe situations. Some of the major bicycle systems include the following:

  • Braking System: The brakes may fail if a cable breaks or comes unclipped, or if the brakes themselves wear too quickly or fall off. Without brakes, the rider cannot slow down and may lose control of the bike or become involved in a high speed impact accident.
  • Chain: The chain delivers the rider’s power to the bicycle. If a chain breaks, the rider’s feet may slip off the pedals, causing loss of control. On fixed-speed bicycles, the chain is used for braking purposes. Loss of this component is therefore equivalent to a failed braking system.
  • Pedals: The rider exerts force onto the pedals in order to move the bicycle forward. If a pedal falls off unexpectedly, the rider can easily become imbalanced and fall.

If you have been involved in a bike crash as a result of a dangerous defect, then you may have the right to claim compensation for your injuries.

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