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Baby Walkers

Babies face many dangers in the world around them. One such danger is the baby walker. Baby walkers are simple devices that, as their name implies, are meant to help babies walk. Baby walkers consist of a plastic rod or a plastic circle held up by legs that are on wheels. A baby is supposed to hold on to the rod or circle to stand upright and then walk.

Three million baby walkers are sold every year, so the fact there are few news stories about baby walkers and the risks they pose may lead some people to think that baby walkers are safe. That statistics prove otherwise. There are approximately 25,000 baby walker injuries every year. 96 percent of those sadly involve babies falling down stairs, and 69 percent of the injuries occur when adults are present.

25,000 injuries is an unacceptable amount, for the injuries babies suffer are very serious, including skull fractures and concussions. As a result, consumer protection agencies have come up with various standards to prevent injuries. These include removing the wheels from baby walkers, designing baby walkers so that they are too wide to fit through doorways, and designing them so that if one leg of a baby walker goes off of a stair, the other legs lock up.

Companies that make baby walkers have a responsibility to ensure that their products meet all the required safety standards. If they do not, the companies can be held liable, especially if a baby gets injured as a result of their failure to meet standards.

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If your baby has been injured as a result of a faultily made baby walker, you may be able to secure damages. It is extremely important, however, to have the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. To determine how best to proceed with your case, contact a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer at Stepleton Dugan, LLC by calling 513-321-7733.

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