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Airbag Dangers

The number of automobile accident fatalities has decreased noticeably since airbags became a standard safety feature in cars. Nevertheless, despite all of the good they present, airbags are complicated devices that are capable of inflicting serious injury upon helpless vehicle drivers and passengers.

Airbags inflate at incredible speeds due to a small explosion that triggers a chemical reaction, the smoke from which subsequently inflates the airbag. This whole process takes place in fractions of a second. Because of the force and speed of deployment, people often suffer from airbag-caused injuries such as:

  • Bone breaks / fractures (especially of the facial bones, arms, and hands)
  • Burns (from chemicals as well as contact with the airbag itself)
  • Temporary or permanent loss of hearing
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of vision / eye damage
  • Cuts or lacerations

In some instances, the effects of airbag injuries are so great that the victim experiences paralysis or death.

Protecting Yourself

To avoid serious injuries or death because of airbag injuries, there are a few things that you can easily do to help protect yourself and your family.

First of all, make sure that you are never sitting too close to an airbag in the car. The closer you are, the more severe the force of impact will be if the airbag deploys. A good rule of thumb is to remember the number 25. You should ideally be sitting 25 inches away from an airbag at all times.

Likewise, never lean against any panel in a car that contains an airbag. If the airbag deploys, you will certainly receive some kind of injury if you are located immediately on top of it.

Also, you should never sit a child or infant in the front seat. Make sure that children are always safely secured in the rear seats where they will be safe from the threat of airbags.

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