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3 Tips for Preventing Black Ice Accidents

In the winter months, roadways become especially treacherous as motorists are faced with the added challenges of heavy precipitation, ice, and cracking roads that succumb to the constant wear of weather. Perhaps the most dangerous winter road condition is the one you never see: black ice.

Black ice is simply a thin layer of normal ice that is special only in its ability to blend in with asphalt, creating a situation where a driver never suspects they will be subjected to difficult road conditions until it is far too late. Without time to avoid the obstacle, many drivers panic when they lose control of their vehicle and fail to make the necessary adjustments to prevent an accident.

How to Stay Safe

While you may never see it coming, it is still possible to anticipate the presence of black ice by following these guidelines:

  • Expect there to be black ice on bridges. The surface of a bridge freezes easily as both the road and underside of the bridge are exposed to the elements.
  • Identify conditions that may cause black ice to form. Any freezing situation which also involves a light rain can give frozen roads a wet sheen, making it impossible to spot ice.
  • Always be prepared. Once you’ve recognized the potential for the presence of black ice, immediately modify your driving behavior so that you can safely overcome the effects of a loss of traction.

Unfortunately, even if you take every available precaution to avoid being involved in a black ice accident, other drivers may drive recklessly in inclement weather, putting everyone around them on the road in harm’s way.

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